Keep on Rollin' in a Whole New Way: on a Hybrid Tire Track

New ag equipment tire technology debuts in U.S. at Farm Progress


Galileo Wheel, a premium and revolutionary design for agriculture equipment tires, is debuting at the 2019 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois on August 27, 28 and 29. Launched at the Paris SIMA exhibition in February of 2019, Galileo enters the U.S. market with a critical value proposition for agriculture equipment makers, dealers and users: Eliminate the worry.


The unique construction of Galileo's CupWheel fits any standard tire rim without modifications. The accordion-shaped sidewall and lower air pressure allows the outer circumference to change its shape, adding several benefits to end-users:

Run-flat capacity

Added traction, steerability and comfort

Increases floatation, increasing pull load while decreasing fuel costs

Minimizes soil compaction

Ability to easily adapt to on-road and off-road conditions

No matter the soil type, slope or equipment, Galileo's CupWheel eliminates worries

 "For rough terrain or rough conditions due to weather like we've seen this year in many places, the CupWheel offers a solution," said Alon Hayka, Galileo CEO. "We have seen up to 40% less slippage depending on terrain, 50% reduced soil compaction and really, peace of mind to minimize equipment tire failure."  

"I think about the Midwest farmer this year with the weather conditions we've had," added Mike Gelbman, U.S. Vice President of Sales. "A lot of them were looking for just 24 good hours to get things planted, weeks late. In those conditions, you're worried about traction, you're worried about soil compaction, you're worried about every breakdown as more than just a pain, it could make or break your planting season. Tires should be the last thing you're worrying about, and that's what Galileo's CupWheel does  eliminates worry."

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Galileo's CupWheel technology will be on display during the full Farm Progress show

Forty-two inch Galileo CupWheel tires will be on a CLAAS Xerion tractor alongside other CupWheel Technology tires including skid steer loader tires in Farm Progress booth #36E, Southeast Quadrant. Chief Technology Officer and inventor, Avishay Novoplanski, will be on-hand to share how they're made and what they will offer in the U.S. ag equipment market.

From combines, tractors and skid-steers to gravity wagons, planters and irrigation equipment, Galileo's CupWheel technology delivers a worry-free opportunity to keep-on rolling, differently — maximizing productivity. See it in action at or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn

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